Serving God — with Dance

The Monroe Street Theater Dance Center's focus is to serve God through the gift of dance in the Brooklyn-Irish Hills community with integrity and grace. With a fresh new approach to teach students the art of dance, M.S.T. Dance Center strives to provide an atmosphere for students where they can be encouraged, challenged, and develop positive character values to use in all areas of their lives!

2 showcases a year

Each year MST students perform at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts. There is a Christmas Showcase performed in December, while the Spring Showcase is performed in June. Both are great events for the whole family!

Accredited Staff

Our Director at M.S.T. Dance Center is fully accredited through Dance Educators of America, Acrobatic Arts Professional Curriculum for Acrobatic Dance, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, and an affiliate member with the Association of Dance
Conventions and Competitions.

Diverse Teams

We have great opportunities for competitive dance with multiple options of dance teams and age groups. Our competitive teams have won numerous awards, including earning the 2015 Studio of Excellence Award. For specific awards, please see our Team pages.

Small Class Sizes

M.S.T. is a student driven, student focused studio. Class sizes are smaller, giving your child a unique opportunity for more one-on-one focused instruction.

  • MST Dance Studio Acro
  • MST Dance Studio Tap
  • MST Dance Studio Ballet Littles
  • MST Dance Studio Production
  • MST Dance Studio Ballet
  • MST Dance Studio Jazz
  • MST Dance Studio Hip Hop
  • MST Dance Studio Ballet

We currently offer these classes




Hip Hop



MST Competition Team
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What Our Parents Dancers and Partners Are Saying!

We love MSTDC! Our girls are encouraged, challenged and inspired. Miss Mary and her teachers have done more than simply teach the girls to dance. They have learned to be confident and to not quit when they are tired! They have been taught to be focused, disciplined, and dedicated. They have learned to work with others, to be good teammates, to be gracious in defeat and humble in success. We love MSTDC, where the girls learn more than dance.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE MST Dance Center! The teachers are amazing and truly care about each of the students. We love and appreciate the Christian standards that are encouraged by teaching the students the art of dance. My daughter has been on the competitive dance for the last 2 years. Miss Mary has taught her so much and helped her blossom her God-given talent. This is one of my daughters all-time favorite places to be! There is always such great support and encouragement that comes from fellow teammates. We truly are a dance family at MSTDC!

MST Dance Center is a major part of Tecumseh Center for the Art's lineup each season. They host two dance recitals (in December and May) each year at our theater. We absolutely love having all the Brooklyn dance families at the theater each season. The owners and choreographers are simply amazing. they are incredibly easy to work with, professional and completely devoted to their dance families. We are so glad that they choose Tecumseh Center for the Arts as their home stage for their recitals each year.

My disabled adult son participated in the AIM program with Miss Mary. The lessons were tailored to meet his abilities and he was treated with kindness, patience, and respect. He really enjoyed the time he spent at MST.

Both of my girls love their dance classes at MST! My youngest has cerebral palsy and MST is super accommodating and understanding of her needs. Clara is able to enjoy dancing instead of being left out because of her disability. Inclusion matters. Thank you, MST!

My husband and I attended private lessons at MST Dance Center in preparation for our first dance at our wedding. We had no previous dance experience and we had no clue what we were doing, but Mary made each lesson enjoyable and fun! It was a great experience to learn ballroom style dance steps in a fun environment. By the time our big day came, we felt confident in our abilities and had a beautiful first dance! Thank you Mary for helping us create such great memories!

My family moved to the area 2 years ago. I thought it would be hard to get used to a new dance studio, but MST was very welcoming. I've made many friends, and my classes are fun and challenging. I especially love pointe class and being an assistant teacher.

Kristen Maxon


Darlene Marine


Kelly Jo Gilmore


Lisa D.


Elizabeth Fox


Jordan and Michael Miller


Megan Dyke


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